Restoring sick people's health and improving their quality of life—these are our primary goals. As a researching pharmaceutical and medical technology company, we put all of our knowledge and technical expertise towards making biological products available for patient care. We now look back on more than 40 years of "Experience—In Service of Health"; our firm's roots date back to the year 1919.
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Regenerative connective tissue and bone grafts help facilitate the journey back into a healthy life, which is why their efficacy and tolerability are treasured by patients and physicians alike. Our medications and medical devices are used in many different branches of medicine, particularly in surgery and orthopaedics. They are useful components in treating illness- and accident-related tissue injuries.
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The place we call home is Neunkirchen am Brand, a Franconian town in the heart of the Nuremberg metropolitan area. Neunkirchen is connected to the Erlangen Medical Valley, with its numerous initiatives and innovative approaches, while also offering our employees high quality of life and valuable recreational opportunities — a perfect mix for us as, day after day, we rise to the challenge of developing even better solutions for patients and doctors.
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Tutogen greatly welcomes the fact that the subject of tissue donation is gaining progressively more public attention. Despite the current discussion of organ donation, however, there is still relatively little information out there about tissue donation and how it benefits patients, which is why Tutogen has set itself the task of campaigning for additional transparency on the subject of tissue donation.

Tissue donation and processing for use in medications and medical devices are major factors in helping patients recover and improving their well-being. Unlike transplant organs, donated tissue is often used in non-life-or-death situations; even so, for many patients, receiving donated tissue marks a major turning point in their medical history. Would you like to learn more?
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